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How NOT to Roast a Chicken

“Cousin Courtney” is the daughter of my “Auntie Roxann” – one of the Butter Sisters.  She recently went back to work and – like many of us – is juggling work, family and food.  When she found out that I had a stash of family-friendly recipes she asked me if I could start sending her

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Chard, Really?!?

When I realized that people other than my family were actually reading my posts, I thought, “crap…I need to start writing more.”  Then I remembered that I hadn’t really shared a Madison story yet.  I already had a pretty good idea of which of my dishes were her favorite, but I thought I would ask

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The Weather Wrecks Havoc With My Menu Planning Skills

Monday it rained all day.  Today it was 83 degrees by 2p.  I’m certainly not here to discuss the weather, (BORING!) but I do find it difficult to formulate any type of menu when the weather is completely bonkers.  My favorite season is Autumn.  I love the crisp smell of the morning air, cozy wool

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