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Preserving For the Future, part two

After overcoming my fear of poisoning my dearest friends and family, I dove headfirst into the, “Great Fig Jam Making Experiment of 2011.”  Let me just say that prepping 10lbs of very ripe figs is a very messy process. I had decided to follow a relatively easy, (and pectin-free) fig jam recipe I found online. 

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Preserving For the Future, part one

Some of my favorite anecdotes in “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” are in the chapters where Barbara Kingsolver describes preserving the fruits and vegetables from her family garden.  “Putting up”, as some folks call it, was as common a practice as making bread until the American grocery store replaced the need to bake and preserve our own

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The Economics of Bread

When I first moved in with my brother, money was tight.  I mean really tight.  So tight in fact that one day at the grocery store I decided that paying $5.39 for a loaf of non-sugary-starchy bread was ridiculous.  Instead, I spent $3.99 for a five-pound bag of flour and $1.69 for a 3-pack of

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