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12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Picnic

Every year since I was four the Christmas Elf has come to visit on December 1st, (well not every year – there was that 14-year stretch when there weren’t any kids around.)  But for the past three Christmases, the Christmas Elf has come to visit on December 1st.  During my childhood he would usually leave

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12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Sugar Cookies

I could never understand why my mom DREADED making sugar cookies.  We were just decorating them, right?  I never realized how long it took just to get the cookies to the table.  And because my mom was a former cake decorator, we couldn’t just spread frosting on the cookies and call it good.  Nooooo, we

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Buttercream FAIL: Timing is Everything

Last weekend I attempted buttercream frosting (my nemesis!) again.  The result: not so good. This was brought on by a “Barefoot Contessa” marathon which appears on my TV every Sunday morning courtesy of my DVR.  Oh, Ina.  You made it looks so easy.  With your cheery demeanor and grace in the kitchen.  How could I

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