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12 Days of Christmas: Decorating the Tree

This past Sunday I had the entire house to myself.  The weather was a little chilly, (for Southern CA at least) and I felt like cooking.  Knowing that we had a busy week of holiday-oriented activities on the calendar, I decided to make all of the dinners for the week which was relatively easy (I

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Powdered Sugar is not Flour

This is one of my favorite holiday cooking stories.  Ever. Last Christmas my “gift” to my family was 10 days of gourmet meals – really.  (More on that in future posts, promise!) Anyway, on my one night off from cooking an entire meal, (I was still responsible for popping the popcorn – stovetop NOT microwave

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The Economics of Bread

When I first moved in with my brother, money was tight.  I mean really tight.  So tight in fact that one day at the grocery store I decided that paying $5.39 for a loaf of non-sugary-starchy bread was ridiculous.  Instead, I spent $3.99 for a five-pound bag of flour and $1.69 for a 3-pack of

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