The Weather Wrecks Havoc With My Menu Planning Skills

Monday it rained all day.  Today it was 83 degrees by 2p.  I’m certainly not here to discuss the weather, (BORING!) but I do find it difficult to formulate any type of menu when the weather is completely bonkers.  My favorite season is Autumn.  I love the crisp smell of the morning air, cozy wool sweaters, hot steaming mugs of cocoa and above all – oven-baked goodies.  Pies, roasted meats and vegetables, hearty casseroles, stew, chili – you name it, I’m making it come fall.

Which brings me to my weather conundrum:  how in the heck do I even fathom turning the oven on when it’s going to be 88 degrees today?  The answer:  I don’t.  Thankfully I still have access to plenty of fresh greens, tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, sweet red onions and sprouts so I can make a tasty garden salad.  And our BBQ has a full propane tank year-round which means that I can sneak one last grilled steak before the weather gets really icky.  I’ll add a little couscous or quinoa on the side and voila!

But really what I want is some consistently cool weather so I can go back to creating cozy, comfy foods.  And the forecast for the weekend?  Cold and rainy.  You can bet that this weekend you can find me baking and roasting to my heart’s content.  Let’s hope the weather stays that way!

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