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How NOT to Roast a Chicken

“Cousin Courtney” is the daughter of my “Auntie Roxann” – one of the Butter Sisters.  She recently went back to work and – like many of us – is juggling work, family and food.  When she found out that I had a stash of family-friendly recipes she asked me if I could start sending her

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Powdered Sugar is not Flour

This is one of my favorite holiday cooking stories.  Ever. Last Christmas my “gift” to my family was 10 days of gourmet meals – really.  (More on that in future posts, promise!) Anyway, on my one night off from cooking an entire meal, (I was still responsible for popping the popcorn – stovetop NOT microwave

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Buttercream FAIL: Timing is Everything

Last weekend I attempted buttercream frosting (my nemesis!) again.  The result: not so good. This was brought on by a “Barefoot Contessa” marathon which appears on my TV every Sunday morning courtesy of my DVR.  Oh, Ina.  You made it looks so easy.  With your cheery demeanor and grace in the kitchen.  How could I

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