How NOT to Roast a Chicken

“Cousin Courtney” is the daughter of my “Auntie Roxann” – one of the Butter Sisters.  She recently went back to work and – like many of us – is juggling work, family and food.  When she found out that I had a stash of family-friendly recipes she asked me if I could start sending her ideas.

She lives in Seattle – one of my favorite cities, mostly because seasons actually change there.  I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest twice – once in Seattle and once in Portland – and I loved this time of year because it meant making homemade soups, roasting anything I could get my hands on and baking until the cows came home.

So I was really excited when she asked me for dinner ideas because it meant that I could vicariously experience a REAL fall.  I shared a few recipes and asked her to call me the following week to let me know how it went.

All went well the first week – she’s a pretty good cook in her own right – so I wasn’t really surprised.  For the next week I suggested she try roasting a chicken.  She said, “My mom does that all the time and it’s so good.  Sure, I’ll give it a try.”  I gave her a few side dish ideas and sent her on her way.

A week later I received a text message with a severely burned disco chicken:

My chicken: 😦 lol….and I was so excited, I even got an organic free range veg fed chicken dammit….

She then went on to explain that the glass pan exploded and started a fire in her oven. The dish wasn’t cold so she wasn’t sure what had happened.  Luckily she had a fire extinguisher (safety first in the kitchen!) but she wouldn’t be able to use her oven for awhile.

I’m not sure why the glass pan exploded, but I suspect it might have had something to do with the drippings, oven temperature and age of the glass.  (I once had a full glass pan of cooled enchiladas shatter when the corner of the pan hit the edge of the refrigerator just so.)  I – thankfully – have never had that happen since I use a metal roasting pan.

From now on I think I’ll just stick to sending her stove top recipes.

2 comments on “How NOT to Roast a Chicken

  1. JP2
    November 22, 2010 at 5:52 pm #

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA……Hadn’t seen pics of “The Flaming Fowl” all kidding aside they were lucky in the extreme,snowing here at Auntie R’scasa, down to 18 tonight,brrrrrr and we have the wee ons….wish Maddy were here she’d be having a blast……..Jim, campground manager

  2. cousin courtney
    November 23, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    awwww, my little disco chicken!! .. first of all, thank you for the compliment 🙂 i like to think i’m pretty good in the kitchen.. and i’m always up for a new recipe.. i’ve roasted turkeys (in roasting pans) for thanksgiving and new years for the past 6 years here (this year will be the first year NOT at my house- and i’m having withdrawls!) .. second- i am not deterred, keep sending me oven recipes, i can handle it! (i got my fire extinguisher filled up!) .. and i will try a chicken again one day (it still baffles me why i’ve done 12 tuekeys and no chicken!)

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