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Thanksgiving Day Photo Op

Alright, I know most of us have already moved on to Christmas shopping/decorating/light hanging, etc.  And, I totally meant to post this on Friday, but I was still nursing a serious pie-hangover.  But, I made the family wait to eat until each dish had been photographed and if I don’t use the pictures they will

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The Night Before the Big Feast: What to Cook?

Answer: Order Pizza Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

What Else is for Dinner on Thursday?

Yesterday I waxed poetic about the similarities between the Super Bowl and Thanksgiving.  And as much as I would really love to create another analogy for my Thanksgiving feast, I really just want to get on the road. We’re taking Madison to Knott’s Berry Farm for her first time today. But, I also don’t want

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Super Bowl for Cooks

It dawned on me as I spent hours combing through cookbooks, blogs, tweets and websites that Thanksgiving – more than any other holiday – could be considered the Super Bowl for cooks. Like a championship quarterback, cooks exert a lot of energy just preparing for the big day.  We spend hours imagining the perfect menu. 

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