Bonus Post: The Farmers Market

I kinda cheesed out on Wednesday with this explanation/apology for my lack of posts this month so I feel like I owe you one.   Here are some pictures I took recently of my favorite food and farmers found at Vista Farmers Market:



I always stop here first to purchase two dozen extra large eggs.  They re-use their cartons (which I never remember to bring back until I have a stack of them that take over the pantry,) and the eggs make a good foundation for my shopping bags.  This stand also sells the yummiest Parisian Macaroons.







Citrus, Citrus and More Citrus


So for those of you who don’t know, California is the second-largest producer of oranges in the US.  We have them year-round but I really only pay attention to them between December and February when other fruits aren’t available.  (I also think they are 10 times tastier in the winter.  And they prevent scurvy, mateys!)







Apples in a Box


This is the only other fruit that is consistently available at the market during the winter.  Thankfully, I LOVE green apples, (really, I won’t eat any other kind,) and they’re only around for a few months.  Plus this farmer plays really great classic rock at his stand.  Think Deep Purple meets Hendrix meets Led Zeppelin.







Beans, Beans the Musical Fruit. (Not those beans, silly!)


Again, even for southern California a variety of produce is pretty scare in January.  Luckily, I have about a thousand and one green and yellow bean recipes.  I like the guy who sells them because we talk Patriots football for half the year and Red Sox baseball for the other half.







Ahh, Dates. The Jewel of the Desert!


I LOVE these things.  The “date guy” as I call him shows up around late-November and sells dates through April.  (Then he sells watermelon for a few weeks as long as the thieves stay out of his patch, really.  Last year he lost about 100 melons to thievery!)  We eat them just like candy, but we also use them in a variety of appetizers and salads when they’re available.







So as you can see, it’s not that hard eating seasonally considering the bounty I have available.  (Again, thank God I don’t live in Minnesota during the winter.)  I may whine and cry a little bit in April when I’m craving a really succulent peach, but really it just makes that first bite taste so much better when I finally do get it!

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