12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Sugar Cookies

I could never understand why my mom DREADED making sugar cookies.  We were just decorating them, right?  I never realized how long it took just to get the cookies to the table.  And because my mom was a former cake decorator, we couldn’t just spread frosting on the cookies and call it good.  Nooooo, we had frosting in at least five different colors and each color had its’ own piping bag in addition to a bowl of spreadable frosting.  Now, as a semi-mom myself, I follow this tradition faithfully and fully understand the intense preparation and supreme exhaustion that comes with making these damned (tasty) cookies.

But Madison loves them – and decorating them has become a tradition – so each year I dig out dozens of cookie cutters and piping bags then head off to the grocery store to purchase enough butter and powdered sugar to outfit an entire wagon train for six months.

Last year I tried (unsuccessfully) to limit the number of different cookie shapes we would make.  Each person was allowed to pick one cookie cutter and we were going to make these in addition to the “traditional” shapes we always made.  However, since we had a hard time agreeing on the traditional shapes, (my brother insisted on the airplane and I said that I couldn’t possibly make cookies without the poinsettia/snowflake,) we ended up with 12 shapes instead of the eight I had hoped for.

The source of our indecision - a 50-year old cookie cutter collection

Our family isn’t exactly the stay-up-‘til-midnight type of family.  We’re more of the crack-‘o-dawn variety but somehow we always end up starting this project after dark.  I swear it’s only the sugar high we get from “testing” the batter and frosting that keeps us going.  I think Madison has literally gotten high and crashed at least three times before we finish.

But I do it because I know we’ll all enjoy the beautifully frosted cookies that highlight my family’s wacky sense of humor and awesome creativity.  (Yeah, right.)  I know it couldn’t possibly be the distinct taste of aged sugar cookie (so good two days later – with coffee, of course!) that keeps us making these little F-ers year after year.

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