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Sometimes It’s Nice to Go to Someone’s House and Eat Their Food

Let’s face it – no one can cook for everyone all of the time.  Sometimes cooks just need a break.  I was lucky enough to spend last weekend at my friend Jeane’s house where I visited not just with her, but with some very old friends.  (Well, the friends aren’t old, just the friendships, ha!)

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I Probably Watch Too Much Top Chef

I first saw this recipe on season 4 of Top Chef.  One of the Best.  Shows.  Ever.  I’ve been a die-hard fan since season 3 when Trey was sent home for restaurant wars.  This past Christmas I received the Top Chef: The Quickfire Cookbook and immediately read it cover to cover.  (I don’t usually do

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The Butter Sisters

This is not a fat-free blog.  Let’s get that one thing straight.  I (mostly) blame that on the two lovely ladies pictures below: I have dubbed them The Butter Sisters. The one on the left is my mom Susan, the other is my “Auntie” Roxann.  Both used liberal amounts of butter in just about every

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